Guarantee of Products Authenticity

Buyerbabu Authenticity Guarantee

At Buyerbabu, we make it our mission to provide a genuine and authentic service to our clients. We respect the brands we work with and the clients we serve. As part of our mission we guarantee the condition and authenticity of all products listed on our website. We also ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for each of our customers by implementing a five step process for every product and accessory listed on Buyerbabu:


Authenticity Check

Any item is listed on Buyerbabu, it undergoes a rigorous examination by our team of in-house experts. Our experts boast over a decade of experience in working with premium products and authenticating electronic products. Their expertise is invaluable to Buyerbabu and we are lucky to work with some of the best authenticators in the business. During each authenticity check, our expert authenticators look for the following:  

  • Any indicator that the product may be counterfeit. This includes checking, inspection of the stamp(s), hardware examinations, and other indicators that are specific to the brand and style of the product.
  • Any indictor that authentic parts of the product have been tampered with. During examination, our experts also check to see if any original parts or aspects of the item have been replaced with counterfeit or cheaper parts. For example, a laptop may be authentic, but the previous owner has replaced the original RAM with a cheaper or unofficial one. Only for returned items
  • Any signs of wear, tear, or other damage. Each scratch, mark, scuff, or other sign of damage is carefully noted by our team of experts. This allows us to delist the product immediately from our website .
  • Working directly with the Brand or its authorized vendors to provide product authenticity experience to our customers

Every single item listed on Buyerbabu has gone through our authenticity check and been examined by our in-house experts.

Accurate Product Description

Part of our authenticity guarantee is an accurate product description when an item is listed on Buyerbabu. Every product listing is accompanied by a set of accurate pictures from a variety of angles to help display the condition of the product.

We attempt to honestly and accurately de-list the product immediately from our website  that shows any defects present in a listed product, however, if you require further information or pictures of any product please contact us and we will be happy to provide any requested details.

Customer Service

At Buyerbabu, customer service and client satisfaction is our main priority. We pride ourselves on offering first class service to customer before, during, and after a sale. As avid fans of gadgets and premium electronics, we are eager to help our customers to  find the perfect electronic item that they were looking for. We take all queries seriously and attempt to provide detailed answers to all questions. Should you have any concerns, issues, questions, or requests, contact us straight away and we will be delighted to respond as soon as possible. Our team of in-house experts, knowledgeable curators, and passionate customer service members aim to make buying, premium brand products as seamless as possible.

Secure Payments and Shipping

Due to the nature of our products, we understand that security is of the upmost importance. We implement the highest levels of security across your whole Buyerbabu experience. From the moment you navigate to our website you will notice a small lock to the left of the website name indicating that your connection to Buyerbabu is secure and private. We use McAfee to secure our website from external threats and to protect our clients.

All transactions made through the website are encrypted with maximum levels of protection including a secure payment gateway provided by one of the largest payment gateway in India ( CC Avenue ), all of which ensures your personal and financial information remains private. We also take extreme care when shipping to make sure your ordered product arrives on your doorstep in the exact same condition it was in when it left Buyerbabu’s headquarter. All items are fully insured when shipped for the full value of the items purchased, providing you peace of mind.

Declaration Letter of Authenticity

Due to our use of experienced in-house experts when verifying the authenticity of each product, we provide an on demand “Certificate of Authenticity” with every product purchased. This certificate is a document which can be used to verify the authenticity of your product online at any time after your purchase. We provide a “Certificate of Authenticity” for several reasons:

  • The certificate indicates that the item you have purchased was inspected by expert authenticators, a service which can cost hundreds of rupees if done independently.
  • Should you decide to sell your product in the future, you will have written proof that it is authentic, potentially saving you money and the hassle of finding a trusted expert to authenticate it again.

Buyerbabu implements the five step process listed above for every product sold on the website. Our client satisfaction rate is extremely high and we have never received a complaint relating to the authenticity or product description of a productrs sold on our platform. By continuing to use the steps listed above we look forward to serving many more satisfied clients in the future who share our passion for high quality electronic products.